A "cease & restore" order has been issued in Washington by the Inland Wetlands Commission to the town's Board of Selectmen for dumping road material within wetlands at the old town garage property on Titus Road.

Piles of material have accumulated, with some piles sitting close to the bank of the Shepaug River, said Janet Hill, land-use coordinator for the town.

"We don't think any silt has gone into the river at this point," Ms. Hill said Monday of the April 7 order, "but the piles are within the regulated area of the flood plain."

The Board of Selectmen attended a "show cause" hearing Wednesday before the Inland Wetlands Commission, after The Spectrum's deadline. At that meeting, they were scheduled to present a plan and timeline for removal of material.

First Selectman Mark Lyon acknowledged Monday, "We, the town, should have done a better job of stockpiling the material."

"I've been to the site. I know what it looks like," Mr. Lyon said. "The piling was done with good intentions. The bulk of the material is there to finish filling and regrading the property." There is no hazardous material at the site, he added.

Mr. Lyon said he has asked the town highway department to immediately install erosion controls and have the material processed so usable material could be stockpiled outside of the regulated area and unusable material could be removed from the site.

-- Susan Tuz