I always try to be fair to all the NASCAR drivers when I talk or write about them, even the ones I don't care for.

Some of you may have figured out I'm a Tony Stewart fan.

I sometimes root for other drivers if Tony isn't running well, which has been the case a lot lately.

As a fan, I want to say how disappointed I am with my driver right now and why I feel this way.

If you watched the race at Infineon Raceway in June, you saw Tony deliberately spin out Brian Vickers.

So, I start thinking, "Come on Tony, have a little patience, after all, it's a road course."

Then I realized the word patience doesn't fit most race car drivers.

Later in that same race, Brian retaliated and spun Tony up into the safety wall of tires and, yes, he had earned it.

Tony said at the end of the race he spun Brian because he was blocking him, and anyone who blocks him from now on will be spun out.

He added next time he'll make sure the car is damaged enough so the driver can't come back out and wreck him back.

You know Tony; there's always next week.

Tony is part owner of his team, Stewart-Haas Racing. His teammate is Ryan Newman.

Tony said he would even wreck Ryan if he were to block him.

As an owner, he knows how much time and energy the crews put into building and repairing the cars, not to mention the cost.

I can see he's very frustrated with how his season is going, but common sense tells you wrecking somebody who might be in your way is no way to win a race or a championship.

Tony has openly said he knows the sponsors and his team might not like his attitude, but he doesn't care.

What about the fans?

If I was Mobil 1, Office Depot or Burger King, Tony's primary sponsors, who give him millions of dollars to run his race team, I'd be pretty upset with him.

Everyone likes to see his or her driver in victory lane, but Tony's attitude could keep him from getting there. I'm hoping Tony comes to his senses soon, so I can be proud to say I'm a Tony Stewart fan.

As of right now, I'm not.

The Sprint Cup guys are in Loudon Sunday at 1 p.m. on TNT.