To the Editor:

I was very disappointed to see the tribute to Dr. Kavirajan that ran in the March 6 Spectrum entitled, “New Milford doctor who reported Woody Allen to State Police dies.”

I felt that this headline sounded like something from a tabloid!

With everything that Dr. Kavirajan did for his patients and this town, why would this headline be about something that he was uncomfortable about being involved in?

Plus, this incident happened over 20 years ago.

I worked for Dr. Kavirajan for almost 10 years. He was such a caring and giving person.

There were times when we were at his office working until 8 p.m. because his closing time was not until the last sick child was seen. He would never turn a sick baby away.

After hours, he would work at the hospital!

He would also see patients when his staff was off. I never knew a doctor so dedicated to his life’s work.

I’m sure many of you remember a waiting room full of patients, and sometimes a long wait.

He would actually take his time with each patient to make sure all needs were met. If you brought him your sick child, you definitely appreciated that.

At one point he said to me, “Chris, I want you to remember this: Health care is changing. There will come a time when the insurance companies will dictate how many patients a doctor should see, and how long to spend with each one.”

That time has surely arrived.

I will remember Dr. Kavirajan as a wise and great diagnostician, but mostly as a wonderful doctor and human being.

Thank you.

Christine Marsh

New Milford