To the Spectrum:

Everyone in New Milford knows Thursday afternoon has arrived because The Greater New Milford Spectrum is online and available at The Spectrum office.

If you happen to be on the Green in the early afternoon on a Thursday, it is not uncommon to see patrons flock to The Spectrum office to obtain the weekly paper.

How do I know this? Because I've obtained my copy in advance to the one delivered in Friday's News-Times.

Make a stop around town on a Friday and you are likely to see a complimentary copy being read at the gym, over coffee at one of the local restaurants, or while waiting to pick up a student.

New Milford public schools considers The Spectrum an invaluable resource to the school district and community.

For 15 years, The Spectrum has provided outstanding coverage of our schools. The Spectrum has done a commendable job showcasing our students in a variety of settings: Academics, athletics, the arts and community activities.

Parents frequently comment about how proud they are to see their children featured in The Spectrum.

Photos and articles have graced many a family bulletin board and have been mailed or emailed to proud grandparents across the country, some even with the occasional autograph requested.

New Milford public school staff members also appreciate the spotlight on their students' accomplishments.

The Spectrum writers and photographers have been extremely creative as they have captured the pulse of our schools.

The district salutes The Spectrum, a true community newspaper, on its 15th anniversary.

JeanAnn C. Paddyfote, Ph.D.


of Schools

New Milford