The group received visits by Rebecca Lynn Doring and Adam Richichi at two different meetings

Doring announced she is changing her message therapy business name to Quiet Spruce Wellness Center, at 53 Bank St. in New Milford.

In addition, she is expanding her services to include Reiki, yoga and meditation, as well as message therapy.

Doring, a New Milford native, initially studied to be a pastry chef but sought message therapy to find a calmer, more grounded life. She learned to take care of herself and to be there for others.

In addition to private instruction for Reiki, yoga and meditation, Doring teaches classes at Ah Yoga in New Milford.

She hopes to eventually begin recording her classes and offering online instructions.

For information, call 860-388-6397 or email

Richichi, CEO of Dental Associates, presented the digital dentistry techniques being utilized at all of their offices.

One of the techniques is used for getting crowns using an intra-oral scanning camera that enables dentists to change and adjust the crown on the individual patient without impressions.

He discussed how, using a miniature CTscan with low dose radiation, a 3-D rendering can be obtained of a patient’s skull to help with the correct positioning of implants.

This lessens the time for the procedure and increases the accuracy.

Richichi has been with Dental Associates since 2016 and now resides in New Milford with his family.

Dental Associates has been in business since 1971 when the first office in Newtown was opened, and since then the group has been expanding.