To the Editor:

My message to the New Milford Sewer Commission and the Town Council and the Board of Education: beware, I am coming out of my comfort zone and I will be relentless in working for the taxpayer. We, the people, own this town, not you.

Those are awesome increases. When the heck was the last time anyone in this whole country got a 52.3 or 120.9 percent increase or a 33.3 or 239.1 percent increase in their pay to cover the cost of the hands of incompetent people running the business of handling sewage?

Don’t blame the taxpayer for the failed procedures of the sewer company. The town goes crazy every year come tax time and I think it is about time to put the reigns on the worst cancers in this town, and that is the Board of Education, which is the most greedy entity in this whole town.

Where the heck do you think the taxpayers are going to come up with these kinds of increases?

The most obvious way and only way I know, obviously, would be not to give the Board of Education any increases until the sewer company has their act together and they are in the black again.

They have a declining population in their system and they seem to rule, not the Town Council.

They make the Town Council look sick and they laugh at the Town Council all the way to the bank.

And what does the Town Council do? They cut town taxes instead of school taxes.

The Town Council and all the town’s entities are running the business of the town just like the 545 human beings (100 senators, 435 members of Congress, one president and nine Supreme Court justices) in Washington, D.C.

And, case in point, we are already paying $4 million for use for artificial turf for the players to play on at the high school that they didn’t need.

Where does the Board of Education and the Town Council get their information and planning techniques from, anyway?

Well, don’t send me a tax bill for that, because I’m not going to pay for it.

I have nothing against the children of our town playing sports; it is a necessity for their future, but not at the wasteful expense of $4 million a shot that the taxpayers don’t have.

This type of expense is useless and wasteful of tax dollars being paid by all the taxpayers and I think it is a crock.

Once we run out of the Waste Management money, what are we going to do? Raise taxes again for people who are broke already?

Our governing body which you are a part of needs to wake the heck up here.

All you Democratic position holders that worked your way into control better reign yourself in and stop spending money you don’t have.

You all better be thankful that I am not in charge of this town because I would wake everyone the heck up in a hurry.

When you don’t manage the money you are given to run your entity for a year within the town’s scheme of things, then you need to resign because you are doing no one in this town a service, period.

Poor management caused the negative in this business and it is up to you to correct it and not at the expense of the taxpayer, either.

I feel that you need to replace some or all of the people on the Sewer Commission now because it is very obvious you do not know what you are doing.

Also, you never seem to take into consideration that all the citizens in this town who pay taxes that are on fixed incomes.

You become corrupt because you can’t do your job. I say you need to be replaced now, not later or next year, or when your position is up for re-election.

You all need to tender your resignation now. You all obviously do not know how to run this business, because if you did and you did it right, we would not be here tonight.

Now, if you want a plan to help you recover, and not at the astronomical expense you are sharing, talk with me.

I can give you all the answers to your problems and it will only cost the taxpayers 1 percent a year until you are in the black because of your inadequate ability to run the New Milford Sewer Company.

I have been sitting back long enough and watching inadequate people run different entities in this town and come election time in two years, my name, Jeffrey B. McBreairty, will be on the ballot for mayor of New Milford.

And when I am elected, I will put a stop to bad spending of the taxpayers’ money, and I will immediately ask for the resignation of any person who cannot perform their job and keep their entity in the black period..

Jeffrey B. McBreairty

New Milford