To the Editor:

This election cycle is becoming exhausting.

I can barely keep up with all the lies. First it was the Republican primaries, where more candidates than I ever hope to see again in one place fought for months over who could tell the tallest tales.

Choice, climate change, Medicare, welfare, health care, foreign policy -- you name it, they distorted the facts, often climbing all over one another to see who could stretch the truth the farthest.

Then the tallest tale teller of all, Mitt Romney, a man who can barely decide on a permanent birthdate for himself, was nominated, and the rest is history.

He selected Paul Ryan as his running mate and, together, they spread so many lies and half truths at the Republican National Convention in Tampa we were all left disoriented and disbelieving, as though we had just stepped off the roller coaster at Six Flags.

Which brings me to the present.

Following the thoughtful editorial the Spectrum printed on gun control in August, I was saddened to read two subsequent letters which avoided the serious question of how to deal with deteriorating public safety by parroting all the myths (2nd Amendment rights, self defense requires AK-47s and multiple bullet clips, Obama wants to take your guns away, etc.), perpetrated by the NRA.

And then recently, a letter from Ms. Fran DeSimone on health care ("Wants `Obamacare' to be revisited," Sept. 17), a letter utterly misleading and devoid of facts.

Ms. DeSimone claims "many of our liberties as we know them will be taken away," but she never mentions which ones.

Perhaps she refers to the freedom to die early because you get sick, but have no access to health care? Or because you are denied insurance because of a pre-existing condition?

She also infers "Obamacare" will "kill the private health care industry," but anyone familiar with the law knows it is a total giveaway to the private health care industry, adding by some estimates as many as 30,000,000 patients to their insurance rolls.

I grew up in the 1950s in an intensely conservative and Republican family. Although I have moved away from that political philosophy over the years, I remain a product of an upbringing that taught me lying was wrong, immoral and punishable.

Perhaps this is why I cringe when I see our politicians, mostly, but not entirely, from the Republican side, feeding us so much misinformation.

As Americans, we will never be able to make good choices if we are not presented with accurate information.

It is incumbent upon us all, even when writing letters to our local newspapers, to be as factual as possible.

I do not question Ms. DeSimone's intentions, but I cannot help but wonder whether or not, if her facts were right, her conclusions would be different.

Sam Callaway