To the Editor:

Several weeks ago I read an article in The Spectrum that confirmed my conclusion that the visual arts are given a very low priority in New Milford.

It outlined a proposal to replace Gallery 25 on the ground floor of the building at 25 Church St. with the probate court offices.

It was suggested that the gallery could move upstairs without any consideration given to availability of access or the appropriateness of the space for housing a gallery.

In effect, this move would put an end to Gallery 25, which has just begun to establish its significance to the community.

Now there is an adequate space for the probate court offices in the basement of the Richmond Citizen Center, which would not bring an end to the gallery.

For about five years in the 1990s, I endeavored with the help of a capable board of directors to bring an art museum to New Milford.

In the end, there was not enough community support to finance the project and it died.

As a fundraiser for the museum project, we started an annual art show on the Village Green.

It lasted beyond the end of the museum project, being sponsored by several community organizations, but in the end it, too, died from lack of a sponsor.

It is very discouraging to me, who makes a living from my art, to realize that the town I loves gives so little value to the visual arts.

Of course, there are many individuals in New Milford and surroundings who vigorously support the visual arts, but they are greatly overbalanced by community indifference.

Richard Stalter