To the Editor:

While watching the debates between Chris Murphy and Linda McMahon, I kept waiting for the truth to come out about the misrepresentation of Chris Murphy and his "80 percent record of not attending hearings."

Congressman Murphy serves on various congressional committees and cannot be in two or three places at once. So, like the other 435 U.S. representatives and 100 senators, he sends a legislative aide to attend on his behalf.

This is the only way they can keep on top of so much that is constantly going on.

If Ms McMahon does not know this is basic Washington politics 101, she is running for the wrong job.

The other part that needs to be said is that Congress was adjourned at the time Ms. McMahon was referring to.

Chris Murphy was home attending to his constituents' needs and holding hearings to gather relevant information about the needs of the people he represents to bring this info back to those very committee hearings when Congress came back in session.

His counterparts were holding like meetings in their states; but Ms McMahon is citing him for missing those out-of-state meetings and misleading the public.

This is no way to run a campaign. We deserve the truth and not half-truths.

I am so disappointed Linda McMahon thinks gutter politics, lies and a non-issue agenda should be the norm instead of addressing issues.

Chris Cutter

New Milford