'Disappointed' BOE members saw dollar signs

[Editor's Note: The following is an open letter to the New Milford Board of Education.]

We do not agree nor support the decision made by five members of your board to close John Pettibone Elementary School.

This closing will mean the redistricting of our students, resulting in substantially longer bus rides and larger class sizes.

The addition of the sixth grade to Schaghticoke Middle School will cause overcrowding.

We respectfully request the Board of Education overturn the vote and allow the town of New Milford to hold a referendum.

A decision of this magnitude should not be decided by nine individuals for a town of approximately 28,000 citizens.

Thank you to Mr. Coppola, Mr. Lawson, Mr. Shaffer and Mr. Spatola for voting "no" and putting the children of New Milford first.

That was the job you were elected to do and it is appreciated.

To Mrs. Chastain, Mrs. Faulenbach, Mrs. Shook, Ms. Volinski and Mr. Littlefield -- we are disappointed you chose to see dollar signs when you should have been remembering the students you were elected to serve.

At election time, our votes will be cast to those who put the children of New Milford first.

Andrew and

Elizabeth DePalma

New Milford