To the Editor:

The hypocrisy of the Republicans on the New Milford Town Council is amazing. Where to begin?

It is budget season and with that, taxpayers sit on the edge of their seats to see how we will be affected.

At the first budget meeting right off the bat the Republicans on Town Council were concerned about revenues. Revenues?

As a refresher of the past year, it should be noted that it has been the mayor who has been fiscally conservative, not the Republican Town Council.

The mayor is holding the Sewer Commission responsible for the millions it owes the town; he brought to our attention the fact that taxpayers were paying for the health insurance of non-town employees and their families and put a stop to it; he brought the town the option of solar panels at Sullivan Farm for needed revenue to keep the farm running and maybe even provide classes; he brought us the option for a power plant that would generate millions of tax revenue and a much needed economic boost; and he is trying to combine town agencies into one space so that we can sell smaller, wasted spaces for revenue.

And each step of the way he has gotten push back, in the nastiest of ways, from the Republican Town Council and others.

So the fact that now — now — they are concerned about revenues is ironic and hypocritical.

What have they proposed in the last year?

I would love a response to that question, but not from the typical five or six angry Facebook posters, from the Republican Town Council members themselves.

What have you done? And what forward thinking ideas do you have?

Bring them forward and work with our mayor, not always against him.

The fact that they accuse the mayor of thoughtless spending is just funny.

Last budget season the mayor proposed a budget that would reduce taxes.

Let me say that again, reduce taxes.

The Republican Town Council and Board of Finance were the ones to add money back into the budget.

The tax-decreased budget was then voted down. All because, despite cutting the town’s budget enough to reduce taxes, the mayor did not cut the education budget.

So, the majority of those who voted, hated the mayor and the Board of Education so much that, to spite themselves, they voted against a tax decrease. Let that sink in.

Having no choice but to go back to the table, the mayor was still able to submit a flat tax for the 2016-17 year, with no help from the Republican Town Council or Board of Finance and for the first time since we moved to New Milford, we (and others we know) got money back.

So now we are back to budget meetings again, and again the Republican Town Council is of no help.

Complaining about not getting budget packets in a timely fashion, claiming to be “censored” when asking about unrelated budget items, is just par for the course.

These Town Council members who have put up a stink on day one, are the same members who couldn’t bother to show up to budget meetings last year.

Esposito attended one out of seven budget deliberation meetings last year — one.

Bass attended five out of seven; Francis attended four out of seven; and Szymanski did not attend any.

Maybe they feel they need to come now because it’s an election year and it’s time to puff out their chests, but I truly hope the taxpayers see through this.

The mayor took on this job of public service as a duty he felt he owed his town and the people in it, to teach our children that service is important and that if you believe in something then you can’t back down, you can’t let bullies win.

There is nothing in this for him except constant negativity and backlash from a very vocal few. But he will persist.

Vanessa Moreno Gronbach

New Milford