To the Editor:

Have you ever noticed there is a food barn on the hill, up the driveway of the New Milford United Methodist Church?

You know the church I am talking about, across the street from Pettibone School and the Citco gas station. The food barn has been there going on 10 years.

I say it is a hidden gem because it is truly that; not many people realize it is there and it helps sustain local families who are in need of food when their not able to pay for such staples.

It represents the mission of the Methodist, to nurture and be engaged in outreach locally and abroad. The Methodist doctrine state one of responsibilities of the members is to be active in mission, prayer and political issues in the community and abroad.

The food barn operates Thursdays in the afternoon. The volunteers provide food supplements to families in need.

The numbers of families are growing, representing harder times for our community. With the dwindling food and money resources, the food barn task force has asked the church members to provide extra supplies. This is only a small portion of how of the members provide for the community.

How many of you know it is the New Milford United Methodist Church Men’s Club that donates, puts up, and lights those Christmas trees on the Village Green you all look forward to every year?

And the sales of the Christmas trees sold on church property go towards scholarships.

I have been a member of this most gracious church for about 12 years now. I can tell you most church members take their role of serving seriously and truly care for each other… and the community. The missions teams vary and are much too numerous to list here.

I just felt compelled to share my enthusiasm and love that the church does.

Some may say “I don’t have time” and that is understandable; it is all in timing. It is not our time. It is God’s time.

Take care and see you at one of the church events or on the Green.

Come by and say hi on a Thursday afternoon starting at 3 p.m. God’s speed and safe journey.

Marilyn Fuller

New Milford