To the Editor:

It has been a long time since New Milford voters have had a chance to elect a dynamic new face to our state House of Representatives.

Democrat Andrew Grossman is a forward-thinking candidate who puts the concerns and needs of New Milford residents first and foremost.

As a member of the town's Economic Development Commission, Andy has dedicated himself to preserving the town's quality of life and bringing in new businesses and jobs for New Milford residents.

As the father of a New Milford student, he is committed to providing the necessary resources for our children to have a solid educational experience that will allow them to successfully compete in the global economy.

He will fight to improve the quality of life that seniors expect and deserve.

Although Connecticut legislators are considered a "part-time" job, Andy is committed to being a "full-time" legislator, which would allow him to get the best results for New Milford.

In Hartford, he would continue to promote an affordable health care plan that will benefit all state residents.

Andy is committed to preserving the right for all state women to make their own health and reproductive choices.

I ask all New Milford voters to join me Nov. 6 and send Andy Grossman to Hartford as our state representative.

Mary Jane Lundgren

Member of

Town Council

New Milford