To the Editor:

Better late than never.

We were gratified to see the New Milford Republican Town Committee hold a fundraiser last month for the Loaves & Fishes Hospitality House, whose application for a permit to move to a Bridge St. location lies anew with the Zoning Commission after its defeat a year ago.

We’re happy to see the party in power finally come around to a position the New Milford Democratic Town Committee officially adopted in the spring of 2014.

Two years ago, Mayor Pat Murphy called for relocating Loaves & Fishes from the Senior Center to Faith Church at the outer reaches of town (New Milford Spectrum, Feb. 15, 2013).

Opposition to relocating the facility along Bridge St. continued even after Loaves & Fishes expressed a need to remain near the center of town because clients required ready access to town services.

This year - an election year, of course - downtown is suddenly a fine location for Loaves & Fishes. All the caveats about Bridge St. magically melted away.

This change of heart works to Loaves & Fishes’ benefit, of course. And that’s a good thing.

Andy Grossman

Peter Mullen

Mary Jane Lundgren

Adrienne Aurichio

Paul Garlasco

Jessica Richardson

Scott Chamberlain

Executive Committee


Town Committee

New Milford