Deborah Rose column: Our towns 'yield magnificent beauty'

Deborah Rose

Deborah Rose

Deborah Rose / Hearst Connecticut Media

Cruising down the Village Green on a recent Saturday, I admired the perfection of the autumn day.

The late-morning sun illuminated the colorful leaves on the trees.

The crispness and chill of the familiar fall air refreshed my lungs as I took a few deep breaths as the wind blew my hair about through my open car window.

People were out and about, some dining for an early lunch at restaurants along Main Street while others perused the farmers market at the north end of the Green.

Families with children, many of them young — under 10 — dotted the sprawling lawn between Elm and Bridge streets.

Normally, I try to avoid the Green Saturday mornings because it is so active with people and motorists and, well, with each passing year, I find sitting in traffic less appealing.

But I had appointments I couldn’t avoid this one particular day, and with weather like we had, I was actually glad to be out.

As I took in the scene, I was proud of our picturesque downtown — its historic buildings, bandstand and beautiful landscape.

Our town center is simply striking, especially at this time of year.

On any given day now, residents and visitors to the area can be found enjoying our Norman Rockwellesque downtown.

Numerous organizations, including the library and Scouts, have used the outdoor space of the Green to offer the small groups activities during the pandemic.

Being outdoors has provided residents a chance to be a little social, participate in activities while maintaining physical distance and mask wearing and patronize our downtown businesses.

In recent months, I’ve smiled as I’ve driven down Main Street and seen lawn chairs set up in a circle shaded under trees, families picnicking and friends gathered at the bandstand.

Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons in New England and the heart of New Milford — the Village Green — is abloom with beauty.

But New Milford isn’t the only town that offers all the feels for autumn.

Take a ride through our neighboring communities. Kent, Washington, Sherman, Roxbury, Bridgewater and Warren all offer their own splendor, too.

The rolling hills, farmlands, and dips and curves of back roads yield magnificent views.

Step outside, take a ride and celebrate the fact we live in such a beautiful region.

Deborah Rose is a lifelong New Milford resident who has worked at The Spectrum since its inception in 1998. She can be reached by email at