Davis to discuss illness, creativity

The Minor Memorial Library in Roxbury will present an illustrated conversation about the relationship between illness and creativity with artist and writer Cortney Davis, Aug. 9 at 3 p.m.

Davis, drawing on own her experiences as a patient after a career as a nurse, is the author of the book “When the Nurse Becomes a Patient: A Story in Words and Images,” which will be available to purchase at the South Street library.

In June of 2013, Davis spent 26 days in the hospital following what was supposed to be a routine one-day surgery.

Although she is a nurse with many years’ experience in intensive care, oncology and women’s health, she writes that she learned more about patient care and nursing as a patient herself than she’d learned through all her textbooks and nursing experience.

Trying to respond to her illness as a writer, she found instead that the best way for her to make sense of her ordeal was through painting, creating images from her hospitalization that reflected a visceral and emotional response to illness.