A field of 325 boys and girls from New Milford elementary schools in grades pre-kindergarten through fifth grade recently participated in the annual Maureen Haas Cross Country Meet.

The Oct. 19 meet, sponsored by Hill and Plain Elementary School PTO in conjunction with local businesses and volunteers, featured individual races for boys and girls for each grade level.

Students in pre-kindergarden ran a quarter-mile (400 meters), while kindergartners and first graders ran a half mile (800 meters). Older students ran one mile (1600 meters).

Individual honors were presented to the top three finishers in each race.

Parents and supporters gathered at the track at Sarah Noble Intermediate School to cheer on runners, who followed a course that began on the track and continued behind the back of the school.

Numerous members of the cross country teams at Schaghticoke Middle School and New Milford High School volunteered their time to run alongside and encourage meet participants.

One-mile run

The three girls who took home honors for fifth grade were Alexa Schmidt (7:26), Payton Hernandez (7:40) and Claire Christian (8:01), and the top three boys who placed were Anthony Diaz (6:44), Tyler Bohrman (6:47) and Oliver Brandel (6:55).

The top three girls for fourth grade were Kaitlyn Bohrman (8:15), Riley Price (8:17) and Margot Larsen (8:29), and the top three boys were James Betts (7:31), Christopher Varghese (7:32) and Aydan Andrews (7:46).

For third grade, the top three spots for girls went to Emilee Shanks (7:44), Sophia Varghese (7:52) and Lily Crandell (8:08), and the top three spots for boys were awarded to Hunter Aubin (7:05), Matthew Muller (7:13) and Blake Olson (7:22).

The three girls who took home honors for second grade went to Sydney Costello (8:38), Hailey Buturla (8:43) and Hadley May (9:10), and the top three boys who placed were Peter Vaclavik (7:40), Miguel Vicuna (7:55) and Cole Mack (8:11).

Half-mile run

The top three girls for third grade were Leah Carias (4:19), Skyann Kvale (4:29) and Kelsie Olsen (4:32), and the top three boys were Ben Sweeney (3:50), Thomas Pelillo (4:07) and Nick Liu (4:11).

The three girls who took home top honors for kindergarten were Thea Ciparelli (4:47), Hailie Ayala (4:49) and Ashley Bramhall (4:59), and the three boys who placed first, second and third were Matej Vaclavik (4:36), Carter Bruzzi (4:39) and Ari Regan (4:40).

Quarter-mile run

The top three finishers for kindergarten were name unavailable (2:50), Briana Buturla (2:58) and Griffin Geary (3:05).