Criticizes politician for 'shameful' tactics

To the Editor:

We read with a great deal of interest the letter in The Spectrum from Patricia Erickson, wife of a seasoned veteran of 41 honorable years of service, about a politician campaigning during Memorial Day services.

What she wrote about took the wind out of our sails. These tactics are destroying everything America is all about in the political arena today; it is insulting the the American veteran.

We confirmed the tactic by this politician with three reputable citizens of New Milford who witnessed this practice and were in attendance at the Memorial Day festivities hosted by the New Milford Veterans Committee.

We value the integrity and dignity of the American veteran and we value the integrity and dignity of all veterans' organizations.

When our integrity and our dignity is stepped on, we shall react to it with a conviction that is true and sound.

So, with this said, the New Milford Veterans' Committee, the American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Disabled American Veterans, the Catholic War Veteran's and the Fraternal Order of The Purple Hearts in New Milford say shame on you, Gale Alexander, for your blatant show of disrespect for the American veteran and your disrespect for the oath you took as a politician.

All the ground you may think you gained during your time of disrespect shall come back to haunt you come election time and you will reap what you sow.

An Arabian proverb says "he who knows but knows not that he knows is stupid beyond his years. Shun him. But he who knows and knows that he knows is wise beyond his years. Take up and follow him."

Mr. Alexander, you need to read this very slowly and ponder it for a time and come to the realization that being sneaky will not gain you one thing in life except shame.

The veteran of the Korean War was forgotten all together by America and her citizens and the trend continued right up to and through the Vietnam War, which ended in disgrace in 1975.

This trend of disrespect for the American veteran continued through the rest of the 1970s and through the whole decade of the '80s, which is a stain on many of the American citizens from those time frames who were rebelling, and a stain on America.

There was no vindication in sight for the American veteran during that time, until Desert Storm came along in the early 1990s with a renewal of America's resolve to support the veterans of that time frame.

It has been a great trend since then and is still going strong today. The support of the American veteran has been astronomical in scope.

The only stain on them since 1990 has been the politicians in Washington D.C. and nationwide who love to play games with the dignity and respect of the very ones who maintain their freedom.

Politicians who are in the political arena or trying to gain access to the political arena will spare absolutely no cost to gain political favor and they will use any means to try and sway the American public to vote for them.

Mr. Alexander reinforced this statement by his action on May 26, 2014 on the Village Green of New Milford when he stepped on the integrity and dignity of all veterans by his underhanded method to gain votes for his upcoming bid for political office.

This method of being greedy and trying to outsmart his opponent and gain votes at a high cost, shaming the American veteran, came to light on Memorial Day this year in New Milford.

The New Milford Veterans Committee had a permit to use the Village Green on May 26, 2014 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. to celebrate all veterans -- past, present and future -- who gave of themselves on the "Altar Of Freedom" to protect, preserve and defend all that we are as a nation and as a people.

It did not give any politician running for state representative from the Democratic Party, or any political party, period, permission to mingle with the vast crowd gathered to honor our veterans, in a cheap effort to gain votes for his political career.

When he took it upon himself to insult and stain the integrity of the American veteran on this solemn day of remembrance, it showed how low the Democratic Party and their greed for power in this town and this state and this nation has become.

In the veterans' organizations in New Milford and across this great nation, all things great and small can be discussed and voted on and rescinded, and or made part of the daily routine, save politics and religion.

This is done to maintain the integrity and the dignity of all our fellow comrades who have sacrificed so much to maintain what we have, "One nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all."

There are valuable lessons to be learned here from this underhanded practice and we are in hopes any politician who wants to get votes for their campaign and political aspirations do it without stepping on the integrity and dignity of the American veteran.

Veterans Committee

New Milford