To the Editor:

Every two years something happens to remind me the New Milford First group is a big waste of time.

This time it was a piece in the Sept. 2, 2011 edition of The Spectrum about the party's endorsements of candidates for the upcoming November elections.

A quick look at this minority party's membership reveals it consists of a small handful of defectors from the two major parties.

One of its leaders is former Democrat and former Mayor Bob Gambino.

His tenure as mayor was afflicted with confusion and I feel he was overwhelmed by the job.

The result was New Milford suffered many steps backward instead of taking even one meager step forward.

Another leader is Jerry Monaghan, a former Republican, a former member of the Planning Commission and a former member of former Mayor Art Peitler's so-called "dream team."

New Milford First is thus what I call a party of "formers." It appears to exist solely for the purpose of getting political revenge against a few candidates from the other political parties who they think "done them wrong" in the past.

Failing to come up with their own candidate for mayor, these "leaders" left their option open to endorse a candidate at a later date.

The Democrats' selection for mayor was Jeff Winter, whose candidacy lasted about three weeks and then withered like a late-summer dandelion.

I'd say he holds the distinction of having run the shortest candidacy in recent New Milford history.

As always, New Milford First is last in fresh ideas.

Do you remember its recommendation to raise taxes an extra one percent per year for each of the next five years to increase the town's surplus fund?

Now that's great fiscal policy.

With the passage of time, New Milford First becomes more and more frequently nothing more than the brunt of cocktail party jokes.

It is superfluous and meaningless.

Any and all progress in New Milford has been accomplished by a collaborative effort of both major parties.

I, therefore, call upon all major party candidates to reject the New Milford First endorsements. You don't need them.

Finally, New Milford First should fold its tent.

Tom Morey

New Milford