To the editor:

I am writing to urge New Milford voters to elect Andy Grossman to the Town Council this Nov. 5.

I've watched Andy's efforts the past several years, and he has proven to be a persistent, courageous advocate for the residents of our town.

In the last few elections, he has been the person willing to go out and campaign the old-fashioned way, walk the neighborhoods, shake hands and listen to residents.

Andy was the Democrat whose signs have been seen around town, who held press conferences, and was constantly out on the Green weekends talking and listening to New Milford residents.

As a member of the town's Economic Development Commission, Andy has been an energetic advocate for helping small businesses in town while striving to maintain a sensible pace of development aimed at making sure we preserve the natural and historic elements that make New Milford so special to us all.

Andy Grossman is a writer by trade, and a strong communicator. He thinks things through. And he's got great ideas.

He believes the best way to keep taxes reasonable is to make the town as attractive as possible for new businesses to come here.

Andy advocates for common-sense things like maintaining quality education in our schools, and insuring we have the caliber of recreational facilities to attract young families who would work at those businesses.

He's open to turning our riverfront into a compelling destination, and carefully crafting a long-term plan for commercial and residential development. I've heard some of these idea tossed around by local residents and some, like the riverfront idea, have been pursued vehemently by folks in town, but still haven't progressed.

Andy Grossman will bring fresh ideas, persistence, energy and an independent voice to Town Hall. He'll stick it out, keep up the good work, and make things happen.

How welcome and refreshing.

Lisa Alexander

New Milford