The criminal case of New Milford police officer Brant Cadovius was postponed May 4 in state Superior Court in Danbury.

Officer Cadovius, 40, is charged with threatening and harassing a young person he alleges stole his wallet at Danbury Fair mall in August 2009.

State's Attorney Stephen Sedensky said Officer Cadovius, who was scheduled for a pre-trial hearing last Wednesday, is now set for next Wednesday.

Officer Cadovius, a 10-year department veteran, was arrested on a warrant in July 2010. He stands charged with attempt to commit third-degree larceny, second-degree threatening and second-degree harassment.

A message left for Officer Cadovius' attorney, Thomas Allingham, was not returned.

A month ago, the New Milford policeman was denied accelerated rehabilitation by Judge Susan Reynolds.

She reached her decision after emotional pleas from the young person, Taylor Cucchiara, 20, of Southbury, and his mother, Suzanne, about Officer Cadovius' behavior after he had learned the young man took the wallet he had left on a train ride at the mall. The mother and her son both said they remain terrified of Officer Cadovius, who they said threatened and harassed them even after they made efforts to amicably resolve the matter.

The young man admitted taking the wallet when it was not reclaimed, removing the cash and then throwing the badge and wallet away.

Once confronted by Officer Cadovius about the wallet, the young man said he arranged to pay back $100 more than the $280 he said he found in the wallet and, in the company of Danbury police officers, searched to find where he dumped the wallet. He said his parents informed Officer Cadovius they would reimburse him for the wallet and badge, but the arrest affidavit states Officer Cadovius still demanded $2,000 as an appropriate payment.

The mother and son further accuse the policeman of threatening to "kill'' the young man and have him arrested for theft. Ms. Reynolds said she was disturbed a police officer would abuse the power in the manner that has been accused in this case.

With the judge's denial of his accelerated rehabilitation application, Officer Cadovius must now decide whether to negotiate a plea deal with the prosecution or go forward with a jury trial.

In the meantime, Officer Cadovius has been suspended from the police department, with pay, until the case is resolved.

The outcome of the criminal case will be a factor in the department's internal investigation whether he will be able to return to his job, police and town leaders said.