Corrects legislator's reference to socialism

To the Editor:

This past Monday, I attended the Memorial Day remembrance in downtown New Milford.

State Rep. Cecilia Buck-Taylor was one of the distinguished dignitaries who spoke at the remembrance and, at one point, she remarked U.S. soldiers had fought and sacrificed their lives on the battlefields of Europe in World War II to combat "socialism."

Rep. Buck-Taylor's loose and baggy deployment of the term "socialism" to describe what U.S. soldiers (and allies) sacrificed their lives to overcome in Europe during WWII is unfortunate, and an egregious distortion of history.

The Nazis were, of course, also known as the National Socialist Party, but they were "socialists" in name only.

In fact, the Nazis sent socialists off to concentration camps or executed them.

I ask Rep. Buck Taylor to remember that brave U.S. soldiers fought and died in Europe in order to put an end to the evils of Nazism (and Italian fascism) and its threat to our democratic ideals.

Peter L. Bayers

New Milford