To the Editor:

Fact and fallacy.

He willingly armed Mexican drug cartels. He willingly armed the very same Islamists who want us dead. Both are now streaming in across our border. He also wants to disarm Americans.

"The public safety" is always the claim that is used to tear our Constitution to shreds. But the sad fact is, if you add up all the deaths through warfare in the 20th Century, that number is dwarfed -- by a margin of four to one -- by the number of people killed by their own governments.

You didn't know that? Now you do. Look it up.

The Founders always said the linchpin of any democracy is an educated populace. We now don't have such. People get their information from sources that lie, big and small, and believe the bilge.

But facts are stubborn things.

For example, I believe except for Timothy McVeigh, all the mass shootings were done by liberal Democrats.

Should we ban them?

They outlawed certain drugs long ago. Did they cease to exist?

They outlawed speeding. Did that stop speeding?

Every single day, I could read another story about militarized cops breaking into someone's home, shooting away, brutalizing unarmed people.

Why are they still armed? Why isn't anyone asking? Hmm...

Two to 3 percent of the colonials actually took part in the American Revolution. That's it.

If you take the same percentage of people in this country who will not cow to the anti-constitutionalists, the latter is still outnumbered by a vast margin.

If it weren't for our Second Amendment, it'd already be done. It's close to done as it is, but the real battle hasn't even started.

Molon Labe.

Jim Griffin