Greater New Milford has been hit with some blistering heat, including a couple of record temperatures, over the past few weeks.

And a quick look at the weather forecast indicates there are more really hot days coming up, including some with temperatures in the 90s.

This type of heat is an annoyance to many folks and downright uncomfortable to others.

The harsh reality, though, is that hot, humid days are more than annoying or uncomfortable.

They are also potentially dangerous to people and pets.

There is no way to totally beat the heat, but common sense and concern for others can go a long way toward minimizing possible problems.

Here are a few suggestions to make life a bit more palatable during the heat wave of 2012:

1) Don't overdo it. Stay out of the sun as much as possible, and keep physical work to a minimum, if you can.

2) Drink lots of fluids, especially water. Dehydration can cause myriad physical problems.

3) Find ways to stay cool as much of the time as possible. Be sure you know where local cooling stations and/or spray parks are located. If you don't have air-conditioning at home, don't be shy about asking family, friends or neighbors with AC if you can stop over and cool off.

4) Be a good neighbor. Be sure to check on the elderly and infirm in your neighborhood or condo complex, and be willing to offer your help.

5) If you have pets, make sure they have plenty of water to drink.

6) When you go out, leave your pets at home unless you can take them into an air-conditioned building with you. Do not leave pets in your car. Even with the windows open a couple of inches, the temperature can quickly flare up to over 100 degrees. (In same vein, children should never be left alone in the car, but the stakes are even higher in the hot weather.)

So stay cool, be patient, and the sweltering hot summer days will soon be behind us.