To the Editor:

The Washington Republican Town Committee has endorsed Dr. Ruby Corby O’Neill for our party’s nomination in the 5th District Congressional race.

In this unusually eventful year in our district, we believe Dr. Corby O’Neill would be the best advocate for our district and hopefully usher in some sense of balance in what has become a one-party monopoly in Connecticut as well as the rest of New England’s congressional delegation.

Ruby’s personal and professional stories comprise a portrait in American exceptionalism.

Her family emigrated to America from Honduras, landing at the port of Baltimore when Ruby was a 1-year-old before settling in the Bronx to build their American dream.

While supporting her young family, Ruby worked full time as an executive assistant in the fashion industry while taking business courses at night. After earning her undergraduate degree, she forged ahead to earn two master’s degrees and a PhD.

After her life was upended by her ex-husband’s substance abuse issues, she found a landing spot in Bethel to raise her young children and re-establish her career.

She became a psychology professor at several universities before being asked to join the faculty at Teikyo Post University.

As one of the few conservative professors on campus, Ruby championed freedom of speech when the culture of academia became more intolerant of conservatism and diversity of thought in general.

Her mantra to her students was that they were there for an education, not indoctrination. She maintains a zero-tolerance policy for groupthink.

In 2008, Ruby met state Rep. Arthur O’Neill on a blind date. In 2009, they married and she worked together with Art serving our district since then.

In 2014, Ruby helped create the Latino National Republican Coalition of Connecticut (LNRCCT) as a vehicle for outreach to spread Republican and conservative principles beyond their traditional political base to Connecticut’s diverse communities.

In 2014, she was appointed by Republican House Leader, Rep. Themis Klarides, to the Commission on Equity & Opportunity where she now serves as vice chairman. She chairs the Latino and Puerto-Rican policy division of the commission, where she’s been a staunch advocate for advancing the Republican principles of opportunity and reward for hard work.

For our state to more fully recover from the Great Recession, she supports investment in incubator innovation centers in urban areas for “New Economy” industries.

An invigorated high-tech sector will help our state to retain its young college grads and reverse the migration that has drained our talent base. As part of what we hope remains a GOP majority in the House, she will work to channel federal funds to the district for infrastructure improvement.

Each year our state loses over 1,000 residents to opioid addiction deaths. Ruby advocates a multi-pronged approach to the crisis including interdiction measures to shut down “pill mills” prescribing opioids irresponsibly, holding pharmaceutical companies accountable for disreputable practices and promoting diversionary programs in the judicial system.

As a legal immigrant who learned English as a first language and became a citizen at the age of nine, Ruby is committed to the rule of law and border security.

Securing our border to combat human trafficking (including sex trafficking), ending once and for all the policy of catch and release of unlawful entrants, ending chain migration and the awarding of visas through a lottery system are her priorities.

Dr. Corby O’Neill has applied the ambition and determination that crafted a successful career to understanding the inner workings of government and has the energy to be an effective advocate in Congress.

The WRTC urges GOP voters to choose Ruby Corby O’Neill for Congress.

Joan Lodsin


Washington Republican Town Committee