Column: Adventures abound while staying at home

Deborah Rose

Deborah Rose

Deborah Rose / Hearst Connecticut Media

While the past few weeks have had their challenges — mostly with keeping the kids in check for their distance learning — I have a new outlook on some things.

I’ve learned a lot, and shared and engaged more with my children.

Last week proved to be a week of, well, let’s call them adventures.

If I look at some of the happenings that occurred at our house any other way, I might be overwhelmed.

But with a different outlook, they become adventures.

They began April 7 while almost taking a fall on a slippery tiled kitchen floor.

I spotted water streaming out from the cabinet underneath the sink and pooling on the floor.

Protecting my family is a top priority and we’ve taken steps to not have contact with anyone, so calling a plumber was a last resort.

So, I put on my plumber’s cap and calmly began troubleshooting.

Thankfully, it didn’t take long to diagnosis, and I was able to fix it myself by tightening a few things with the faucet.

After cleaning up the water, the rest of the day turned into a comedy show.

I discovered water in the laundry room. Upon inspection, I learned it was water from the leak in the kitchen above.

I was relieved it wasn’t an additional leak and began to use the wet/dry vac, which ended up overheating and created an awful smell.

We opened the windows and set up the fans.

It was one thing after another. I couldn’t help but laugh. If I thought about it too much, I might have cried.

Once things settled down, I apologized to my kids for getting such a late start on their school lessons.

My daughter, 9, told me not to worry because the day had been “fun” and “we could’ve made a water slide” inside the house.

It’s all about perspective.

Over the next few days, I was like a kid on Christmas morning each time my online grocery orders were delivered.

I had placed orders to ensure my family, as well as several loved ones would have the food they need for the coming weeks.

Can after can, box after box, I had an assembly line going as I sorted through and divvied up the supplies to later safely deliver.

I felt as if I were in an episode of “I Love Lucy.” I thought about Lucy and Ethel’s time working at the chocolate factory.

One afternoon my kids and I had an adventure that reminded me of a scene from “Grease.”

For the first time in a few years, I hopped back on a bike and tried to show off for my kids.

At one point, I suggested to my son, 11, that we race back to the driveway and encouraged my daughter to start the race with the wave of her bandana.

So, she stood in the middle of the road. My son and I — each with a look of determination — readied ourselves on our bikes and waited for the bandana signal.

Let’s just say, I lost. Big time. But it made us all smile and laugh.

Another adventure last week included my daughter and I participating in our own version of a cooking show.

No other contestants showed up, so we won the top prize and had fun making several homemade meals to deliver to two elder loved ones.

Our adventure continued with the creation of a large egg for the Parks & Rec town-wide spring egg hunt.

My daughter had it all planned out and encouraged me during the week to help her with it.

However, some folks work best under pressure, and that’s what happened. The two of us worked on deadline last Friday to finish the egg in time.

It was comical. Eleanor set up all the materials and then directed me as I helped her assemble it.

We made a pretty good team.

Chances are, my kids aren’t going to remember how much they struggled with their distance learning during this pandemic.

But they are going to remember the adventures we had at home — the days Mom fixed the leak and lost the bike race, how we made a huge Easter egg, delivered homemade food and posters to family members, and made forts that stayed up way too long in their rooms.

I’m keeping myself in check and doing my best to see things with a new perspective. I hope you are too.

Each day brings a new adventure!