It all started about a year ago with resident Janet Lynch.

Village Crest Center for Health & Rehabilitation Recreation Director Genie English noticed how much Lynch quietly enjoyed in her room the benefits of adult coloring at the New Milford facility.

English encouraged Lynch to take her books and pencils and color in common areas at the center so other residents would observe and potentially become inspired.

Sure enough, others got hooked.

Burnetta Iveskic was so smitten she suggested a Colorization Club, and actively sought out other residents to give the therapeutic benefits of coloring a chance.

As a result, a group of residents meet Thursday afternoons to color and socialize.

Volunteer Pam Wey delivers frames for residents so that they can frame their work in their rooms and assist the recreation department with art shows displaying the resident's work.

”We are truly blessed to have her here volunteering at Village Crest,” English said.