Open houses for the Apocatastasis Institute in New Milford will be held March 16 in Danbury and March 21 in New Milford.

Founder John Coleman will discuss academic offerings, including alternative high school and college courses, as well as tutoring in English, history and Latin.

The March 16 open house will be held at a private home, while the March 21 open house will run from 6 to 8 p.m. at The Makery Coworking on Bank Street in New Milford.

Coleman, who graduated from New Milford High School and has been teaching privately for 12 years, will review curriculum, read one of his new essays, “A Day's Work,” and answer questions.

Coleman offers a three-year course of study in the Western Humanities.

For more information, including time and location for the March 16 open house, and RSVP for either event, email

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