Members of the New Milford High School Class of 1987 will celebrate their 25th class reunion July 21.

Festivities will include music with a disc jockey and contests from 7 p.m. to midnight at Anthony's Lake Club in Danbury.

Classmates who have not yet been located include John Anderson, Brad Abbott, Sean Adams, Juliana Barker, Charlie Barrows, Deana Berry, John Blore, James Boosey, Jacqueline Borck, Diane Bossers, Timothy Broadley, April Cardinal, Andrew Carson, Leo Cetinski, Christine Chrisman, Derek Cleghorn, Frank Conversano, David Cooper, Tom Crewe, Kathy David, Janice Deluca, Pascale Duysens, Barry Edman, Katie Edmonds, Peter Eichbaum, Patrick Esposito, Michelle Fender, Suzanne Ferrari, Abigail Fletcher, Andrea Forst, Mark French and Lauren Frohlich.

Also, Robin Gardner, Libby Goldstein, Peter Grasseler, Brian Green, Marnie Hayes, Susan Holsten, Traci Horgen, Ronald Hulse, Jeffrey Hume, Melinda Ivan, Elizabeth Jenssen, Paula Johns, Samantha Kelly, Robert Kenneth, Robert Kitchen, Susanne Knaak, Pamela Knipe, Elizabeth Kokke, Reiko Kondo, Frederick Lodsin, Morten Lund, Keith Lunning, Colleen Lynch, Trish Mascio, Chris McAvoy, Mark McBreairty, Alexa Mease, Valerie Metz, Alyssa Miller, Craig Mills, Robert Mitchell, Bonnie Murone, Holly Murphy and Christal Murray.

Also, Todd Nastrom, Kathryn Peet, Greg Pieck, Nelson Price, Denis Pruchnik, Michelle Rakowsky, Gail Ransom, Debbie Reed, Tammy Reighard, Daniel Robinson, Michelle Roof, James Rosensteel Jr., Dawn Rottenberg, Thomas Russell, John Ryan, Laurel Samuelson, Michael Schultz, John Scott, Gary Shaffer, Dave Shanks, Barbara Shields, Sandra Simaes, Angela Sirios, Joan Smith, Matthew St. Jean, Christopher Stevens, Long Xuan Tran, Russell Turner and Kevin Wright.

To make reservations, or to provide contact information for the above, contact Sue (Hueck) Blatnik at 757-348-1193 or