To the Editor:

On Sept. 17, 2012, The Spectrum ran my letter entitled "Obamacare revisited."

On Oct. 5, the Spectrum ran another letter from Sam Callaway of Gaylordsville.

I would like to clarify a few points he made wherein he said my letter was utterly misleading and devoid of facts.

Perhaps Mr. Callaway should check his facts.

I did not refer to the freedom to die early because we get sick and do not have access to health care. Or because of denial to insurance because of a pre-existing condition. I mentioned nothing about a pre-existing condition.

I believe insurance companies should not deny an individual treatments for their particular condition. When I mentioned Obamacare would kill the private health care industry if it becomes government managed, I meant that some physicians would opt out of Medicare and some insurance companies would do the same.

Where would that leave a senior or a disabled or special needs child?

This Obamacare was passed so quickly that I believe not one of the politicians read it in its entirety.

The case, in fact, I cited was someone I know in a foreign country where socialized medicine was denied a particular treatment and died.

Just a few more facts to set straight: The federal government is telling the local school boards how many more math and science teachers should be hired. That is not infringing on our right to think and act?

Those who watched the first presidential debate would have heard the facts I wrote about were in fact true. I do not appreciate being called out in the newspaper that I did not have the correct facts.

It is not of any consequence to me what a person's party affiliation is, but it does matter to me if an injustice is committed.

Fran DeSimone

Washington Depot