Kent Memorial Library will present a program that explores China June 4 from 2 to 4 p.m.

Critical issues today include the South China Seas, China’s new law on Foreign NGOs, Cybersecurity, the Asian Infrastructure Bank and the progress of the Bilateral Investment Treaty with the United States.

Given these realities, China is a country whose leadership must be reckoned with.

Today’s President of China, Xi Jinping, has been likened to an emperor in dynastic China, and to Mao Zedong in the way he has created a “cult of personality” for himself.

This multifaceted characterization of President Xi will be examined as it impacts our understanding of China today and for the future.

China scholar Dr. Karla W. Simon, of the US-Asia Law Institute at NYU, will explore the topic at the Main Street library.

Dr. Joseph Baxer from the UNA will introduce the program.

For more information and registration, call 860-927-3761.