As Olympic fever ebbed throughout the rest of the world, the New York Times was reminding its readers, "sports, even at its highest level, is child's play."

Taking that cue in early August, the Children's Center of New Milford conducted its own Olympic Games, replete with an opening ceremony, plenty of fun competition for the little kids, and even a closing ceremony and feast.

"We completely agree with The Times' sentiment," said center director Susan Johnston, "and have incorporated the Olympics into the students' summer curriculum, and play."

Posted in the entry hall was the schedule of Olympic events, and pictures of the children participating in their very own Olympic adventures covered the bulletin boards.

The opening ceremony commenced with the Parade of Athletes -- each classroom proudly marching behind its homemade classroom flag. The torch bearer ran the perimeter of the playground and the athletes and coaches cheered when the official Olympic fire ("flames" of red and yellow construction paper) was lit.

The following two weeks witnessed children participating in the water balloon toss, the sandbox long jump, the hula hoop competition, the jump rope marathon, the water bucket relay and the tennis ball on a spoon race, among other crowd-pleasing events.

During the closing ceremony, Ms. Johnston held the torch high and welcomed each group as they gathered for the awarding of the medals.

Each child was then called to the podium to receive a gold medal amidst the cheers of staff and fellow students.

The 2012 Olympics closed with the youngest child extinguishing the Olympic flame.

Music filled the hall as children happily moved to the final festivity -- the Olympic banquet.