Chief Boyne a 'thoughtful and caring' leader

To the editor:

What in the world is going on in New Milford, Connecticut?

The eight year Chief of Police, Shawn Boyne, has been notified that he will not be reappointed to another four year term by the newest mayor Pete Bass. The mayor’s official reason for his effective “firing” is that he is not a resident of New Milford. This was not an issue the first two times he was appointed. Chief Boyne has been a resident of Litchfield County for over thirty years. The new posting for the position has no written residency requirement whatsoever.

I have known Chief Boyne professionally for decades in a number of law enforcement capacities with the courts. This man is a legend of thoughtful and caring leadership among all with whom he meets. He even helps people who are homeless in New Milford with food and money and personal meetings for social referrals. He does this wearing non-threatening clothes such as Levis and a T-shirt. The law enforcement community and the citizens of New Milford may soon be in tears.

Politics and police are a dangerous mixture for the safety and humanity of a community.

Charles D. Gill