State Representative Clark Chapin (R-67th) is eyeing another term in the state General Assembly.

The New Milford native is now serving his fifth, two-year term in Hartford.

Rep. Chapin currently serves as ranking member (Republican leader) of the legislature's Environment Committee. He also serves as a member of the Public Safety and Security Committee and Human Services Committee.

In addition, he serves as an assistant minority leader and chairman of the House Republican Bill Screening Committee.

"I still enjoy the job immensely and am eager to return to Hartford in 2011," said Rep. Chapin. "It's always been rewarding to be able to help people resolve their problems with state government and to work on legislation that benefits my district and the entire state."

Rep. Chapin has received numerous awards related to his service in the legislature, including several bestowed by the Working Lands Alliance and Connecticut Farm Bureau for his leadership on farmland preservation and agricultural issues.

He has also been recognized by the Connecticut Water Works Association for his work on water supply and water quality issues, as well as by a number of other organizations for his leadership on various other issues.

Rep. Chapin said, if re-elected, he would look forward to the challenges the upcoming legislative sessions would bring.

He said the state's finances will certainly be a major focus of the next two years. The state currently faces a projected $700 million deficit for the 2010-11 fiscal year, with significantly higher deficits forecast for the following two fiscal years.

"The state cannot continue to maintain a government that its taxpayers can't afford," said Rep. Chapin.

"An entirely new approach to state budgeting is needed and I look forward to the opportunity to help bring that about," he said. "While there's no question this is a topic of interest for people I speak with in New Milford, I value the additional chance to directly speak with people about any issue they are personally concerned about during the upcoming campaign season."

Prior to serving as state representative, Rep. Chapin was elected to three terms as a member of the New Milford Town Council, including serving as its vice chairman.

He resigned from the council in December 2000 to assume his state legislative responsibilities.