The Kent Education and Learning Foundation is about to launch two new programs at Kent Center School.

The new programs are KCS & Beyond, a visiting alumni initiative, and The Review, an annual literature and art publication, both of which will kick off in January.

KCS & Beyond will bring KCS alumni to the school to talk with seventh- and eighth-graders about their educational experiences and career choices.

The goal is to broaden the scope of their thinking, by showcasing the wide array of opportunities available.

"We want to help students to make connections between what they are learning now to what they might do in the future," said Karren Garrity, KELF president. "Empowering them to make choices and understand associations between academic disciplines; ultimately we want to create excitement and enthusiasm for exploring new areas."

The alumni will share with the classes how what they learned at KCS, and high school, helps them currently; how writing, or foreign language, or art, or science, or math or technology (or anything else) is a part of what they do; and what were some of the influences that affected them along the way.

The program will be a part of the Student Success Planning, a state-mandated program for students in grades six to 12 to create goals, explore career options and paths, and develop academic and social skills.

The Review, an art and lit magazine, will be open for submissions from all KCS students.

A wide array of genres will be showcased and The Review will be published annually in the spring.

Local writers will mentor students, fine tuning their story, poem, article, essay, play or prose for publication.

"I am excited to have our students be presented with a new way to envision their future, and how that ties directly into their present," said KCS principal Florence Budge. "These two new programs provide opportunities for our students to broaden their thinking."

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