To the Editor:

National Arts in Education Week runs from last Sunday to Saturday and the After School Arts Program based in Washington recognizes the importance of the arts in education.

The arts not only enrich our lives, communities and culture, but they are vital to a child’s education.

A growing number of studies shows exposure to the arts promotes self-directed learning, improves school attendance and sharpens critical and creative skills.

Our mission at ASAP is to foster creative, hands-on learning through the arts.

When we honor children’s imagination, invite them to create, encourage them to take risks and trust their resourcefulness, they will become empowered and resilient adults the world really needs.

At ASAP, we see children as inventors, explorers, discovers, leaders and collaborators.

We look forward to another year of nurturing the creativity of the children in our communities far and wide.

Visit our website at to view our 2016-17 programs and events.

JoAnne Torti

Executive director

Ali Psomas

Program manager

Jennifer Pote

Program coordinator

Annie Musso

Business manager

Stacey Dillard

Graphic designer

ASAP team