To the Editor:

I am writing in response to Jim Griffin's Jan. 30 letter in The Spectrum.

Mr. Griffin is obviously a strong opponent of President Barack Obama. I believe he is a perfect example of the right-wing conservatives who base their dislikes on distortions, not on facts or reality.

His commentary on new taxes that he attributes to the Affordable Care Act is an example.

Yes, there are some new taxes derived from that bill, but they were an extremely small part of the taxes that so upset him.

The ACA taxes are assessed on high-income earners, which I'm sure won't cause them to pawn the family jewels.

The most important part of these increases were part of the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012. This was a bipartisan bill that prevented all the tax cuts made under the George W. Bush administration from expiring.

Unlike Mr. Griffin's perspective, 40 Repuplican senators and 85 House Republicans voted in favor of the bill.

Mr. Griffin's similar views on unemployment, radical Muslims, thousands of illegals "pouring into America," the Federal Reserve, the military and race wars caused by "demagoguery by leftists and the president" are fact-free and wrong.

He complains about regulations.

Does he remember what happened when California deregulated its energy industries?

How about when the savings and loan industry was deregulated?

How about Wall Street?

Or here in Connecticut, partial deregulation of electricity? How has that worked out?

Mr. Griffin claims Rep. Joe Wilson was right when he said the president lied about the Affordable Care Act and abortion.

Wrong again. There is a federal law preventing federal dollars going to pay for abortion.

Sarah Palin's claim of death panels was proven "completely true?" When? By whom?

I have said to many of my friends over the past few months I don't believe the most dangerous threat to America is ISIS, Russia, Iran or even extremist terrorism, but ignorance.

I cannot understand the blind hate for this president. I have lost several friends and acquaintances because I showed them, just by doing a little fact-checking, they would see they are being lied to.

Instead, they tell me off and continue to repeat the hate from emails they get.

I would also like to say I am disappointed The Spectrum would print a letter like that of Mr. Griffin. I totally agree with free speech. I am also in support of being able to have one's own thoughts and ideas and expressing them.

That said, I don't understand a newspaper printing a letter so factually wrong and antagonistic.

To everyone who reads these types of letters and emails: Try fact-checking first before forwarding them. Maybe it would prevent embarrassment.

Skip Marrotte