Cautions 'pollution' is prevalent in our world

To the Editor:

With Earth Day 2012 almost here, many of us, including liberals, get to feel good about ourselves.

But as I prepare to help clean up Nettleton Hollow, I can't help but think back decades to when I first became aware of pollution, while studying it at the Daniel Warren Elementary School, when off we went to pull car tires and other waste from the Mamaroneck and Sheldrake rivers in the mid 1960s, while Lyndon Johnson began to wage war on bucolic Southeast Asia.

Fast forward, and not much has changed unless we take a long, hard look for pollution in our investment portfolios, our lifestyles, and our silence while Barack Obama wages wars on six countries including Afghanistan, Iraq and now Iran. His administration's pollution is far worse than a candy wrapper on Nettleton Hollow Road. And what about nuclear power plant disasters, fracking for unground natural gases, arsenic in our waters, mountain top removal, Wall Street's war on organic farmers, pink slime at school lunch counters, and the Tar Sands?

So this November say `no' to Barack Obama's war and environmental policies, and to Wall Street banksters. Remember to check your investment portfolios for polluters.

And don't forget to pick up that candy wrapper for Earth Day, too.

Joseph A. Mustich