[The following is an open letter to members of the New Milford Board of Education about the schools' transition project.]

I am writing to voice my personal concern over the school transitions in New Milford.

I am not opposed to the closing of Pettibone School. I think sixth-graders will be just fine at Schaghticoke Middle School.

However, rushing the transition through for next school year is foolhardy. This transition can be accomplished successfully, but not in the time you've allotted.

Waiting even a single year would allow you to properly prepare for a successful move. It also would allow time to gather community support.

You have the opportunity to be the Board of Education that organized a major, successful move, but it cannot be done well in the time you're allowing.

Instead, you'll be remembered as the board that instigated a messy and chaotic district-wide transition.

There is no reason to put yourselves, or us, through that.

Please reconsider. You look stronger by announcing a slow and careful approach. You look reckless when you do not.

Thank you for your service.

Jennifer Rocca

New Milford