To the Editor:

I read Susan's Tuz' letter in the Spectrum edition of Sept. 2, 2011 regarding the swing at Roxbury Falls and felt the letter demanded a response to make sure the facts are clear.

The Roxbury Board of Selectman (BOS) received approximately $2,300 from our insurance carrier to use to reduce any risk associated with liability.

The swing has concerned me for some time because it is an accident waiting to happen. But, I felt, as well as my partners on the BOS, this was an opportunity to prevent the inevitable and maybe save some broken necks.

Unfortunately, we live in a different time where juries award $3 million if you spill hot coffee in your own lap.

Let us also not forget a recent lawsuit almost shut down the public's use of water company property because that person didn't seem to know how to ride a bike.

Our society doesn't want to take any responsibility for its own actions.

As a selectman, I felt it is the BOS' job to ensure the town is protected from the army's of ambulance chasing lawyers.

After all the safety standards we had to meet just to get a school playground back up, how can anyone not find the irony in then turning around and letting unsupervised kids swing from cliffs into raging waters? I do not want that blood on my hands.

So the BOS did what we had to do so a reporter doesn't have to write about some kid cracking his head open on those glimmering hard rocks and turning the river water from blue to a golden crimson color.

The reason for the police patrol is the idyllic falls are getting trashed by people who do not take the time to pay $45 for a pass and then treat the area like a dumpster.

I didn't see any reporters around during the many times I was cleaning up broken glass, soiled diapers and mounds of junk food trash that end up floating away in that cool refreshing water.

So the Board of Selectman decided to take our parks back from people who do not respect them. First Selectman Barbara Henry said "to let the people get to the water."

I agree.

But the residents haven't been able to get to the water because the park has become a circus. Maybe the swing can come back when society takes responsibility for its own actions.

I think you may have better luck getting your nostalgia by driving around in a Ford Mustang, at your own risk, of course.

Russell Dirienzo