Gunn Memorial Library in Washington will present a program March 14 at 6:30 p.m. with education and business professionals from the Student Compass.

Jake Horne and John Payne will present a PowerPoint career-planning seminar focusing on the critical years of transitioning from high school through college and into career. It is open to high school and college students and their parents.

Mr. Horne and Mr. Payne will share tips for employment and career development, focusing on early planning for high school students in their selection of affordable colleges, and course selection and concentrations for college-level students that will provide the educational skills employers are seeking.

An important variable they will share is the complexity of transitioning into college, through college, and into the world of employment. The presentation will outline specific successful strategies in career self-discovery, including skill development, course selection, networking, resumes, the application and interview process and starting a new job.

The presentation will also discuss the high cost of college, and how families can access the proper support and direction needed in the face of the increasing challenges in an evolving employment market.

For details and to register, call the Wykeham Road library at 860-868-7586 or visit