'Can never thank the FRIENDS enough for all they do'

To the Editor:

The FRIENDS of New Milford Library write a Letter to the Editor every year to thank everyone who so generously supported their annual book sale.

All of you who purchased items and all of you who volunteered to help are deeply appreciated by the FRIENDS and the library.

This letter, however, is to thank the FRIENDS themselves, from the staff at the library and the community the library serves.

The sale is a major fundraiser that supplements an enormous number of the library’s programs and offerings.

How many readers know that the entire FRIENDS organization is eight board members and a handful of regular members? All of whom volunteer an enormous quantity of time all year long.

These few women organize a book sale that fills the entire cafeteria of the high school, working tirelessly and daily, to collect, sort, and box up items that are donated for the sale every day of the year.

They pay to move 900 boxes of books and other items from the library to the high school, they set up the entire sale, they staff the sale, and then they take it all down, paying another company to take away the remainders that can’t be sold or used in the library.

This year, that company didn't arrive until a day later than expected and the items had to be moved out of the cafeteria.

The high school very kindly loaned the use of a pallet lifter, which two of the FRIENDS used to move all the pallets of boxes to the loading dock. Wow, that is dedication.

All of us here at the library can never thank the FRIENDS enough for all they do for us and for you.

Sally Tornow


New Milford Public Library