Calls the NRA 'callous, but not treasonous'

To the Editor:

In response to Art Cummings' column regarding the quest for a safer America, it seems, in relation to guns, the NRA is pivotal to whatever happens and we need to understand its role.

By the NRA, I mean the NRA-ILA in Washington, the section that takes care of legal and legislative matters.

Recently, Cliff Schechter at the Daily Beast condemned the NRA for the murderous and treasonous role it has played. These are strong words, but are they true?

The NRA, in its role as a gun owners' association, might be supposed to fight for gun regulation, since weapons getting from legal owners into the hands of criminals brings the whole concept of the private ownership of guns into disrepute.

However, this runs afoul of the NRA's other role as a trade association for the gun industry and so needing to work to maximize its profits.

Here clearly, everyman apart from hunters, sportsmen and collectors would have little incentive to buy a gun unless there is a perceived credible threat from a multitude of well-armed criminals.

Hence, the NRA fights gun control. The resulting arming of criminals has resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths over recent decades.

So the NRA may be considered callous, but not murderous for they pulled no triggers.

As regards treasonous, what they have done may be terrible for America, the economic cost runs into the low trillions by itself over recent decades, but treason is acts against the government itself.

Since government invariably bends to the NRA's will, they must be rather happy with it.

Thus I fear Mr. Schechter has made demonstrably false accusations against one of the nation's most revered organizations.

Nicholas Payne

New Milford