To the Editor:

As I read the July 4 Spectrum and read the letters to the editor regarding the closing of John Pettibone School, I had to chuckle as I turned to the next page, to see an article which states that a decision in hiring a new economic development person for the town is drawing to a close.

My question is, why? Why would the town waste any money to try to bring new business in?

If you listen to what the Board of Education members said was their reasoning for voting to close Pettibone, people are leaving New Milford; the town shows no sign of growth.

The vote to close Pettibone to me was a vote of no confidence in New Milford as a whole.

So my question is, if we as a town feel there is chance for development, for growth in the town, for new families to move into town, why would we be looking to close a school?

Why wouldn't we wait, as was suggested by some Board of Education members, and see how things go in the next year or so?

I have lived in New Milford for 21 years and in that time we have built two new schools, made Route 7 into a four-lane highway, added countless shopping centers and have also gone through a terrible downturn in the economy.

We've seen the good and the bad. The economy has been slow to come back, but it seems to be heading in the right direction.

Why would we choose now to close Pettibone?

I believe there are people who are happy with the decision to close the school. Possibly they think their taxes will go down.

I can tell you that will never happen. We will be paying the same amount in taxes but getting so much less for our money.

The money the town receives on the sale of the Pettibone School building/property will never go back to the schools.

It was also stated no jobs would be lost in the closing of the school.

This is something I find hard to believe.

Where will they put all the custodians, cafeteria people, nurses, library/media specialists, physical education teachers, paras, etc.?

New Milford is a wonderful town and I, for one, believe New Milford will continue to grow.

Keep Pettibone School.

Let's not allow five people to make this important of a decision for our children.

This should be the town's decision, like every other major decision New Milford has had to make. Let the people vote at a referendum.

Education is more than a luxury; it is a responsibility that society owes to itself.

We are doing a terrible disservice to the children of New Milford.

Lisa A. Terlizzi

New Milford