Calls out ‘hateful attacks’ in New Milford

To the Editor:

In the Sept. 1 Spectrum I read with sadness the racist graffiti painted on a local establishment in town.

However, I was encouraged by Mayor Gronbach’s statement that, “I am here to say that while hate may live in the hearts of some in our Community, we give it no shelter and no safe harbor.”

Shockingly, some four pages later in the paper was a vitriolic and hateful letter to the editor by Mary Jane Lundgren, Town Councilwomen (a member of Gronbach’s administration) who implied that a candidate for office had hidden deals and debts without providing any evidence of such.

Ms. Lundgren should be thanking people who give up time with their family and loved ones to help make New Milford a better place by volunteering.

This type of behavior by Ms. Lundgren is the reason people do not want to volunteer anymore. Instead of being thanked for their service they are attacked and called obstructionists if they do not blindly agree with the current administration.

This is unacceptable. People should ask questions and offer comments not be vilified for speaking up.

I call on Mayor Gronbach to tell his administration that just like the racist graffiti in our town has no place here neither does hateful attacks on volunteers. #hatehasnohomehere

Lisa Telesca

New Milford