Calls out Eversource for 'shameful mismanagement'

To the Editor:

Tropical Storm Isaias seemed like a miniature version of Hurricane Sandy. But to some folks, it was something awful, suffering losses amounting to many thousands of dollars between closed stores, spoiled food, downed trees and structural house problems.

Some businesses and residents within a 50-mile radius of New Milford had no use of electricity or water for more than a week.

And, oh, the trash, clean-up and recycling issues. Wow, the things we take for granted

We have sent a space capsule to Mars, traveling billions of miles for about seven months through outerspace to reach the red planet, hopefully land safely and send back all sorts of scientific data and soil and air samples.

If we can do that, why can’t we fix the electric grid that serves us here? Is it outmoded? Doesn’t it basically function the same way it did 50 to 100 years ago?

Maybe Google, Apple, Microsoft or Amazon or another high-tech organization can find a solution more appropriate and fitting for preparing for and handling these extreme weather issues than the current management of Eversource.

Isn’t almost anything possible?

Is total hurricane preparedness out of our ken? Haven’t we had enough of decades of blackouts, floods, destruction and lost wages?

To this point in time, we can’t alter the weather, but we’re able to change the folks who supposedly were in charge of things.

If Con Ed and PSEG are in the process of making refunds to customers for lack of services in these situations, they instinctively acknowledge their many shortcomings.

It follows that Eversource should be right behind them, especially in this time of scarcity, economic distress and misfortune. Financial replacement values may only bring us back to status quo through insurance claims.

Where is the compensation for heartache and unhappiness caused by shameful mismanagement? Doesn’t foresight count more than hindsight?

Does New Milford, Danbury and other towns in the surrounding area need a wonderful attorney and/or a class action suit to remove stodginess which would do so much more than collect our utility payments? This is the 21st century. Is anybody listening?

Fred Silverman

New Milford