(Editor's Note: The following is an open letter to the Sherman Board of Selectmen.)

There are groups that will continue to work "quietly and under the table" to cause AT&T to delay action by proposing totally wrong and inadequate "alternate sites" until they walk away entirely.

These groups are composed of the type of people whose egos must be fed, even at the expense of delaying needed emergency communications to our citizens.

Should we wait for a disaster, perhaps a life lost, as a result of the ongoing lack of adequate cell communications.

I do not understand the infantile objection to the sight of cell towers. A cell tower is a harmless symbol of improving human society.

We all accept the billions and billions of power poles and dangerously sagging conductors along our roads and driveways.

Siting a single cell tower here and there is hardly as offensive.

We are blind to the mess we've got but have a stroke when something as harmless as a cell tower is mentioned and then do everything to delay needed emergency communications to our citizens.

The best solution is for the selectmen to vote to have AT&T move ahead promptly.

I suggest the first selectman ask AT&T to reinstall their original intent location at Coote Hill immediately.

Sam Lamhut