Calls manhole covers a 'curse of our roadways'

To the Editor:

I can’t understand why a pothole is repaired as soon as possible and a deep manhole cover is allowed year after year.

A manhole cover can shock your vehicle as much or more than a pothole.

Most drivers, like myself, try to avoid these manhole covers to avoid the wear and tear on their vehicle and the discomfort that occurs.

These manhole covers are difficult to see even on a bright sunny day. When it’s raining or nighttime, they become invisible because there is a black manhole cover in a black road.

Nobody wants to take responsibility for this situation.

I’ve spoken with local and state highway departments. I suggested to them that if you can’t fix the problem, than the least they can do for drivers is to make the manhole covers more conspicuous.

For example, paint the covers or paint a circle around (in the road) the cover.

They might put stripes around the cover at 12, three, 6 and 9 o’clock.

I’m sure this would be very helpful, so drivers can avoid being slam-dunked by the curse of our roadways.

Steven Vadas

New Milford