To the Editor:

I am writing about two amazing candidates running for office in Connecticut, Jahana Hayes, running for U.S. Congress for the 5th District, and Eva Bermudez Zimmerman, running for lieutenant governor.

Both women are strong, intelligent, well informed and well-spoken candidates.

Jahana Hayes grew up in Waterbury projects, got her degree and returned to teach at Kennedy High School.

In 2016, President Obama awarded her National Teacher of the Year.

She traveled the world, was offered many jobs, but returned to Kennedy High School. Why? Simply because she cares about those kids.

Jahana cares about people. When answering questions, she uses her history teacher background in her answers.

I firmly believe that caring about people and having an historic background are two things that are essential to a Congressperson.

Eva Bermudez Zimmerman has worked on stimulus package legislation in Congress, performed labor negotiations and served as a Newtown Legislative Council member.

Eva was awarded Latina Citizen of the Year by the Connecticut General Assembly for her outstanding activism, assisting 7,000 Connecticut residents to health insurance through the Access Health Market Place.

Presently, Eva represents and organizes for SEIU, ensuring that people have access to retirement plans, decent salaries and health insurance benefits.

Eva is committed to improving and fighting for our communities.

Please vote on Democratic primary Day, Aug. 14, for Jahana and Eva.

Mary T. Weber

New Preston