To the Editor:

No person should hold power over a nation so long.

Look at the sampling of congressmen and senators, both Democrat and Republican, and tell me after so many years in office that they are working for us.

I say absolutely not.

Patrick Leahy (D),age 74, 40 years in office; Orrin Hatch (R), age 80, 38 years in office; Barbara Mikulski (D), age 78, 38 years in office; Pat Roberts (R), age 78, 34 years in office; Harry Reid (D), age 75, 32 years in office; Chuck Schumer (D), age 64, 34 years in office; John McCain (R), age 78, 32 years in office; Richard Shelby (R), age 80, 36 years in office; Mitch McConnell (R), age 73, 30 years in office; Thad Cochran (R), age 77, 42 years in office; Dick Durbin (D), age 70, 32 years in office; Chuck Grassley (R), age 81, 34 years in office; Diane Feinstein (D), age 82, 23 years in office; Charles Rangel (D), age 85, 44 years in office; John Conyers (D), age 86, 50 years in office; Nancy Pelosi (D), age 75, 28 years in office.

When you look at the statistics here, picture in your mind all the mold that is attached to these figures. And this is just a sample of what we are letting stand by the wayside and laugh at us while they run rampant.

Most startling is that they are all over the age of 64 years. Matter of fact, the average age of all of them is 77.25 years of age. This is ridiculous.

Now, look at that age and look at the number of years they have been dealing with all the founding fathers worked so hard to put together, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights and our Declaration of Independence.

The average years of service for the 16 senators and congressmen listed is 35.44.

At their age, they should have been hung on the clothesline to dry out many, many years ago. And this is our fault for re-electing them to office with no yield from them that benefits the American citizen.

I don't care if they are Democrat or Republican, there should absolutely be no way so few could hold 300 million hostage for this long. They were elected each time for all these years and they are supposed to be working for the American citizen, but that is far from their hidden agenda.

As blind citizens, we just keep electing them on their false promises each election year.

Greedy people cause the the American citizen to suffer while they reel in the riches and favors from all of the big businesses that control America today.

Two-term limits to control people like this are now necessary to save our country.

They do not think for the best interest of our country, because their minds have become so engulfed in their own personal agendas that "we, the people" do not count anymore.

This method of control will never change, unless "we, the people" put a stop to it.

It starts right here in our state and every state, to stand up and say enough is enough.

The presidential office is held to a two-term limit, thus protecting the founding fathers' hard work from going asunder.

This has to be the case with Congress and the Senate and those who are supposedly working for us.

It has never been about us. Until we stand up and say it is going to be about us, all these people who are our elected officials will continue to laugh at us and do as they please until they have destroyed our democracy and our nation.

Please stand up and act on creating a two-term limit for all elected officials. When they are done with their two terms, they have to find a job and pay just like we do.

Call your congressmen and senators and voice your opinion. Let them know huge changes are coming, because we are going to take back our country from them.

These people are on easy street and we have been allowing it for years and years. Let them pay taxes, Social Security and insurance premiums and live just like we do, and live on a budget from month to month.

Please America, wake up and see what is really happening with the hidden agenda the 545 in Washington D.C. have in mind.

Jeffrey McBreairty

New Milford